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B&B De Stolpjes

Would you like to bring your dog?

Would you like to bring your dog?

We are true dog lovers and can imagine, you would like to bring your dog, to enjoy nice walks in our surroundings near forest, beach and sea. We therefore welcome your dog in our B&B!

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring more than one dog, provided you have two very small dogs.

We have drawn up a couple of house rules to make your stay and the stay of our other guests as pleasant as possible.

Our house rules for dogs

If you bring your dog to our B&B, please mention it during your reservation;

  • Forest, beach, sea and dunes are fantastic! But, before you enter our B&B, please check if your dog is dry and doesn’t leave any mud traces;
  • Make sure your dog listens and doesn’t disturb the other guests or our sweet neighbours. Not everyone loves dogs jumping up on people;
  • Dogs are not allowed on our beds, sofas, armchairs or table.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the Stolpje; If you want to go out alone, you might consider to bring a bench.
  • The owner of the dog is responsible for damage to the interior;
  • Dogs must always be kept on the leash on the path towards the B&B;
  • By booking our Stolpjes you automatically agree with these house rules for dogs.


The B&B is located in a recreational area. Forest, beach and sea attract many people from all over Europe, which means there can be many dogs in high season. Make sure your dog is optimally protected by vaccination against common diseases such as the Parvo virus or infectious cough. Unfortunately, laws and regulations in surrounding countries are less strict, which means that unvaccinated dogs run an extra risk of infection.